Erich Fromm-Online is the official website on Erich Fromm. It provides information about the life and work of Erich Fromm and contains directories, texts, audios and videos by, with and about Erich Fromm.

Erich Fromm Online…

is documenting the life and work of the social psychoanalyst and humanist Erich Fromm (1900-1980) as well as the reception and impact of his work.

is created by the administrator of the Estate of Erich Fromm and the Erich Fromm Institute Tübingen with funding from the Erich Fromm-Stiftung.

makes available texts as well as audio and video documents by, with and about Erich Fromm, as far as copyright permits.

documents the Erich Fromm Institute in Tübingen, a research center for Fromm that is unique in the world. It houses the library and the Estate of Erich Fromm and an extensive collection of literature about Erich Fromm.

provides access to a digital Erich Fromm documentation center (OPUS 4) in which the Erich Fromm-Institute’s holdings are recorded bibliographically. Insofar as copyright permits, the digitized holdings can also be downloaded there free of charge.